Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wow ! I have received an award,,,and Yes,,,,I am touched by it. Thank You so much,,,Alison & Zoe of Pawfect Days,,,,I appreciate it.
Here are the rules,,,,as I understand them: I must answer the questions that come with The Sunshine Award. I must pass the award along to another blogger and let them know they have received the award. ((( I will be sure to do this later ! ))) Here are the questions and my answers,,,and remember,,,I am The Joke Puppy ! Favorite number: A,,,,(1) Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: Milk Shake Facebook or Twitter: Facebook,,,although I'm not all atwitter about either one of them. My Passion: My Pet Video Business Favorite pattern: Male Pattern Baldness ( Not afflicted,,,I have a luxurious head of grey hair) Favorite Day of the Week: I'm retired except for the work I choose to do,,,so how can I have a favorite day Favorite Flower: The flower (yes,,I know it's spelled differently) that I use to fry my fried chicken and pork chops. Sincerely,,,,I do appreciate the award. Thank you very much !


  1. It was well deserved. LOL I love your answers. Nicely done Joke Puppy. :)

  2. Well done :) Great answers. I got it too, but Austin hasn’t submitted his thoughts yet lol